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It was raining one early October morning. It was fairly cold outside, a perfect day to get things done around the house. Or in some peoples cases, just sleep. That's what Nathan was currently doing, passed out cold in his nice, warm bed.

Nathan is a short cat/deer hybrid. He's always been quite small for his age, which always really annoys him. He has bright blue fur around most of his body, accented with some splashes of white on his face, head, tail, and scattered across randomly all over. Nathan took after his dad more, being far more feline looking, though he does noticeable have two small yellow antlers coming off his head. His deer heritage also gave him a unique tail, it is mostly cat like but ends in a much more deer like tail, looking a lot like a paintbrush. He also has very rare eyes, being hetroclormic and having blue and yellow eyes. Though he was also born with a very weak bladder, which requires him to have… protection at all times.

Nate was snoring away, cuddled up to his favorite eevee plushie, smiling a bit peacefully in his dreams. Soon, Matt, his big, comes in smiling, sitting on the edge of the bed and petting his back. Matt is a fairly tall dragon/Axolotl mix, giving him pretty large wings and a love of water. He has pink scales all across his body, and a fully functioning gills and lungs, basically letting him breathe anywhere. Matt gently pets his back, and Nate quickly starts to purr, a smile growing bigger on his face. Matt soon picks his baby up, and gently wakes him up. “It's morning baby, how did you sleep?” He asks, petting his back. While he is cranky he gets woken up, the pets help settle him down. “Good daddy, how did you?” “Good!” The daddy says, giving his little one a check. “Hm, let's get you cleaned up, then we can take care of your maintenance, ok?” He says, seeing Nate had yet. Nate blushes, then pouts as hes laid on his changing table. “Daddy! I don't need maintenance…” He whines, and daddy shakes his head. “You don't want maintenance, you do need them. They definitely keep you on your best behavior.” Matt says. As he talks, he takes the babys pants off, and starts to clean him up real good. He's done this countless times by now, so he is fairly good at it by now. Even so, he still makes sure to get everything, he feels really bad when Nate gets a rash cause he didn’t clean well enough.

Once his little was clean, he sets him down bare. “Go get daddy your furbrush. And don't argue, daddy will get the paddle.” He says, causing Nathan to let out a little eep, and timidly walk to the bathroom. He takes his time coming back, though he does have his wooden brush held to his chest. Poor little Nate was tearing up already, he is a huge crybaby. Really all it takes is a scolding or raising your voice to set the tears off.

Matt sits down on the rocking chair in the room, and pats his lap. Nate knows better than to argue by now, and walks slowly over, bending over after handing him the brush. Matt rubs his bottom with his warm hands. “Anything you wanna confess?” “N-no daddy…” Nate says, before a loud yelp escaped him as daddy started the spanking. Matt was just using his hand for now, the furbrush was resting on a table beside them. Nate hadn’t been bad, so Matt is holding back a good bit. Still it was enough to make Nathan yelp, squirm, and start to fight back tears after just a few minutes of it.

Once Nate's bottom was nice and pink under his fur, Matt rubbed his bottom for a bit. “Shh, it's ok baby it's ok. You're already halfway done ok? Take the rest like a good boy, and I'll make you pancakes, ok?” Matt says, comforting the gently crying cat. Nate sniffles, and nods, smiling a bit at the promise of pancakes. The smile quickly fades as he sees daddy grab the brush. He tightens his grip on his daddy's leg, and closes his eyes. Soon, cracks of wood against skin signaled that the comfort was over. Nate held tears back for all of 3 swats before he was crying lightly again, 10 swats before he fully cried, and 15 before he was practically sobbing. He was behaving though, having a hard grasp on his tail to keep it from blocking.

After a total of 20 medium brush spanks, Nate was scooped into a tight hug, and Matt started rocking them. He pets his bottom gently, and pats his back. “Shh, shh, shh, it's ok baby it's ok. Daddys done now, ok? I promise. You took it really well, I'm so proud of you.” He says in a quiet, gentle voice as he rocks. Nate cries and cries for a while, soaking his daddy's shirt in tears. Soon though, he is down to just sniffles.

“There there, better now? Here, let's get you in a diaper, and I'll start on pancakes, ok?” He says, as he stands up. Nate nods, his throat a bit sore from sobbing. Matt holds Nate in one arm, getting a diaper ready before gently laying Nate's red tushy on it. Matt then powders him up, and tapes the diaper on.“P-pancakes?” “Yep!” Matt says, smiling as he takes him to the kitchen.

Wow, this felt kinda weird honestly. I really like it though! Go ahead and give me any feedback you want, I wanna improve!


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