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by Dreyer

Two witches, Dorey and Lucy, are sent to find another of their kind living on her own in the mountains. Everyone knows witches need someone to spank them to keep them good... so how has she not been causing any mischief? (F/FFF, spanking, light hypnosis, breastfeeding)

(This story was originally submitted for the August 2022 weekly prompt contest on the SSP Discord server. The prompt was "Gardening.")

MY first prompt!
by Ffdss

I know the prompt I choose was unoriginal, but I just wanted to set up the characters and there dynamic with this! Please, if you have any critiques, go ahead and tell me, its the only way I can improve

The Castle of Dr. Spankenstein
by Dreyer

You guys remember that old DOS point-and-click puzzle game, The Castle of Dr. Spankenstein? What do you mean, no? (X/F, F/F, spanking, shortstacks, transformation, masturbation, oral, public humiliation, slut-shaming (the fun kind), non-con/dubcon)

(This story was originally submitted for the June Weekly Prompt Contest on the Spanking Slumber Party Discord server. The prompt was "Castle.")

Latest Comments

Rose Letters- Chapter One The Forest
by Briar

Comment Posted by: LKEY
at 02-10-23 21:15 PM


by Dreyer

Comment Posted by: waferborn
at 11-25-22 00:30 AM

This is one of the best spanking stories I’ve ever read!!! Awesome writing and a super fun scenario — I would read a whole novel based on this premise!!

Two Sides Of The Brush Part 9 Of 9
by Leila_Hann

Comment Posted by:
at 10-14-22 21:34 PM

I need a test comment here.

Cowgirl Style 9
by Leila_Hann

Comment Posted by:
at 10-12-22 18:34 PM

Looks like someone is about to be hoist with her own cyber-petard

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