Theme deck building prompts!


We're starting a new thing, where once a month we're gonna build budget decks corresponding to a theme!

For December 2021~

--THEME: Christmas (or the Winter Holiday of your choice [or winter if you don't subscribe to holidays])

--FORMAT: Commander

--BUDGET: $50.00, with the prices from

--DECK BUILDER: Speaking of, please build the deck in or a similar program that isn't just text. This might just be me but my brain won't comprehend a deck that is just text x3

--PROXIES are perfectly acceptable as long as the real world counterparts are within budget!

--RESTRICTIONS: Please do not build decks around land destruction, game lock downs, 'degenerate combos' or other things generally miserable to play against. Feel free to ask me here or on the discord if you're unsure! Also, this rule doesn't apply if you don't plan on actually building the deck to play with. If you're just making a decklist for fun, go nuts. Also, make a deck that can win. One that just stalls out the game and has everyone waiting for 30 turns while you slowly dominate the game but have no way to actually end it is unfun for everyone. Yes even you. You just dont realize it. So please build a deck that can end the game relatively quickly after dominating it.

--POWER LEVEL: Though mostly curtailed by the budget, still try to give a general 1-10 power ranking of your deck so we can have games with similarly powered decks. The ranking should go something like this: 1-2: Precon, 3-4: Underpowered (or Jank), 5-6: Focused, 7-8: Optimized, 9-10: Competitive (cEDH). Most of us will not be able to make a cEDH deck, especially given the restrictions, so bare that in mind~

GUIDELINES: Things that take excessive amounts of time that make other players wait are not against the rules, but are kind of frowned upon. Extra turns, especially multiple extra turns, fall into this category. Infinite combos are allowed but should be used sparingly. I personally like the philosophy of always having one in your deck, so that no matter how badly a game is going, you do always have one out to keep you interested in playing. I personally do not use hardly any "tutor" effects (deck searching) because its time consuming, and leads to same-y games. I prefer raw card advantage to tutors, but if you wanna build your deck around one specific non-commander card and need to tutor for it, go for it~

SIDE NOTES: If you have the time or money, there's no reason you have to make only one theme deck. I'm hoping to get to play with these decks so make as many as you think you'll get to play with!

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aaaand coming in JUST under budget at $47.58 on TCGPlayer, I give you, a Christmas Carol

The commanders are Scrooge (Akiri) and Marley (Kydele). Scrooge wants treasure tokens, and the more treasures he makes, the stronger he is. The clue tokens are Marley's doing, trying to teach Scrooge the error of his ways. The Ghost of Christmas Past (Timin, Youthful Geist), Ghost of Christmas Present (Brago, King Eternal) and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar) are here, as are the other spirits being the wandering souls, and even Scrooge's unfortunate tenants, his business partners, and Old Joe and his gang of thieves are here! Scrooge spends the game Seizing the Spoils or Striking it Rich, but Grappling with the Past and Glimpsing the Future show him Visions of Ruin, and he has a Sudden Breakthrough! His greedy Depths of Desire and Austere Commands were going to send him to a Hallowed Burial in just one years time! He has to Crack Open his Treasure Chest and deliver an Unexpected Windfall to all he meets! It's a Smashing Success and many a Christmas song are played on the Instrument of the Bard, and the next Christmas Eve, Scrooge Survives the Night, and he'll never say "Bah, Hornswoggle!" to the holiday again~

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