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I am open for commissions!

I am open for commissions (limited, see below).


$15 - Full color, subtle shading, no background, 1 character (simple character art/portraits; +$5.00 if a background is desired)

$25 - Full color, some shading, included simple background, up to 2 characters.

+$5.00 for each additional character

Any adult (over 18, whether it be OC or canon) character, from any original content, game, show, manga, or anime. Excluding magical girls, ponies, and furries. No hard play/blood/bruises. I prefer no canes nor any "rough" implement (ex. birch, switch, crop). I don't draw sexual things, blunt genitals, nor bodily fluids other than tears.

Things are pretty no bueno and not very cash money right now. If you don't want to commission and want to help, you may send to

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